SWEVEN – A vision that appears in a dream.

Many times, when we dream, we visualize what we want. For example, the home that excites us and, precisely, what we want is to help you to find it. We can guarantee result thanks to our meticulous daily work and our corporate mission to become a reference to follow in real estate.

The commitment is daring; therefore, we need your trust. From our experience, we are aware of how complicated it often is to find what you are looking for and the headaches that can be caused by improper real estate management. To all that, we add the lack of time we have nowadays.

Sweven Home was born from this idea and dream. That’s why we provide you with the hands of our experts who will guide your search efforts in a simple and effective way.

Our formula is based on looking for a perfect symbiosis between the tenant and the owner, by putting the tenant that everyone looks for in touch with the home with of his or her dreams.

We are demanding with our services. By only managing the best quality housing we can create the desired symbiosis.